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I would Like to bring together à group of people who would Like to upgrade Nijmegen by means of THE art of hosting powerfull conversations that matter. I have worked my whole Working life in empowering people through training, coaching and organising gatherings around interesting questions. I have done this in business, for Workcouncils, Unions, e.g.
I would Like to extend my Working experience and hosting capacities with other trainers/facilitators/hosters around questions that matter in THE community of Nijmegen. I would Like to organise with them gatherings with people who are interested to participate in conversations about topics and questions that matter.
Are you à trainer/hoster in THE Gelderland area and do you want to join me in experiencing and learning new ways to host on à city level Please contact me so we can learn and act together.

Contact me
Marian van den Assem

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Hello Marian, are you in connection with the people who organise the AoH trainings in The Netherlands? Did you do a training your self? (I guess a little bit more information would give us a better understanding) There is also a Dutch Group here on the site, to which you can connect.

With love,


Hallo Ria,

No i'm not yet in connection with people in NL and through this call I wanted to get connected. I have not yet followed a training in the art of hosting, but feel very familiar with the different methodologies and have made use of them on frequent occasions. My joining the ning was a step towards connecting with people with the same questions and need to learn the art of hosting on a deeper level and create possibilities in Nijmegen to host conversations that really matter. 

In Nijmegen I am part of a place that is called The Waarmakerij. We host and organize projects around  entrpreneurship, sustainability, inspiration, Durf te vragen-sessies, Nederland in Dialoog..e.g.

I organize with a few others every six weeks 5 inspiring people telle in 10 munutes on a small stage their inspiring stories.  

At the moment I'm exploring possibilities to host conversations between stakeholders/people on a city level about questions that matter to citizens. For instance:  What is causing our kids to fall early out of school and what is already done to it and works. How can that be made stronger?

I like to round up a group of people in & around Nijmegen to explore and deepen our knowledge of the art of hosting  and  learning by doing host conversatons that matter to Nijmegen.

I'm also part of a netwerk of bezield leiderschap. In this netwerk we also want to engage in community work. This is some background for my call. I'm looking for learning/doing partners and want to be connected to a greater group of pioniers and actionreasearchers & to also bring my profession (trainer, facilitator) to a next level. 

I will look in to the dutch group

kind regards Marian

Dag Marian,

wat je kan doen via deze site is onder Members de mensen zoeken die in Nederland wonen. Dat kan al een paar mensen opleveren.

Eind april - begin mei zullen we ook een AoH training hebben in België, waar je natuurlijk ook welkom bent. Onder Events zal je daar later meer over lezen!

Altijd bereid tot verdere informatie!

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