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From the email list February 2013...

Toke shared this video:


Three years ago at our stewards gathering on Bowen Island, I had a strong sense that this was the shape of our community of practice.  We arise from a centre of ideas and we emerge from that and expand out into the world and then return to that centre.  The art of stewardship is travelling the whole circuit I think, that you would return to where you began bringing knowledge and experience and adding to the centre, while protecting the ability of the centre to continue to generate.

Since then I've been looking for a representation that captures what I saw so clearly during our time together.  And this is it.

One of the issues I have had with our idea of the fifth paradigm is that it is flat, and is a miss mash of four other paradigms.  I've talked about it as paradigm 4.5.  But since that stewards gathering I have thought of the dynamic torus (the name for this shape) as the fifth paradigm.  It includes and transcends all of the other ways of organizing and is itself LITERALLY the next level of organization.

Thanks for sharing this…I think this is very important, not only as cosmology but also as a metaphor for the way in which hosting can work as the DNA of an organizing paradigm.




I also share this understanding.  That is why forus in the Hunagarian group, AoH is called in our language, in Hungarian,TerTeremtes...meaning SpaceCreation-SpaceGeneration.  
The two consonants T.R is a derivative root for a " torus" of words like: 
Te(é)R leading to
te(é)r  = space, square, 
as noun: terem=room
as verb: terembearing fruit, 
            teremt=create, --------------------Teremtö=Creator, 
            terel = to herd, sheperd
TaRto open up leading to 
as a compund noun:...tar= a space where you keep, hold things, such as szer-tar, könyv-tar-library ( book space), eszköz-tar=tool kit, 
Tars=partner, tarsad, your partner, tarsadalomsociety...
Ervin lazlo calls this 5th dimension_Akasha filed...I guess...
With love....  

Agota E.Ruzsa,
HO Chris
I remember you bringing that clarity in the gathering and it made me share this link as it was a way to study not just the form flat but how it flows - and of course 
in real life and in the river of energy it ids much more dynamic and helpful…..
Ah how this most basic energy that creates, sustains and lets go when no more needed can be trusted - a bit more each day…..
cheers to being in harmony with that flow….



There is a mathematician, James Kelley, who is a MacArthur Fellow who has been exploring mathematically the shape of the universe and believes it is a torus, too. His work is very interesting, too, Chris and Toke.



I appreciate the shape.

As I continue to learn, this is what I find myself point people to do. A simple pattern. Words for the torus image.

1. We come together to touch the hearth. Or the center. The energy of the whole. The purpose.
2. While together, through questions and stories, we notice what emerges that could not have happened alone. Notice what has energy for this group.
3. We take those learnings in the form of commitments and offerings for the next season of work together. Or work apart. The stuff we just do in the world or in the organization.
4. We regather to share the learning and touch the hearth again. To let go of that which doesn't have energy. To notice next surprises.

A system that feeds on the energy of what is created together. Commitments fueled by that experience and clarity.


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