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Seeking hosting technique to help people sense & steward the whole

Hello wise ones! :-)


Along with one of my clients, I host a monthly conversation series called Thrivability Montreal. It's in person (about 25 people each time), lasts two hours, and is open to anyone. Each month, we explore different aspects of what might be involved in a "thrivable" organization - one that is successful and sustainable itself and also deeply nourishing for those within, enriching for the communities they serve, and in harmony with nature. Topics we've explored so far are the concept of thrivability in general and the role of money in a thrivable organization. See

The next topic is leadership. In past Thrivability discussions (and in society in general), people seem stuck in their individual perspectives: the leader is seen as the boss of a group of individuals, or individuals have certain expectations about what the leader should do for them. I'd love to find a way to help participants experiment with sensing the whole (the team, the organization, the community, etc.) and embracing our shared responsibility to care for it.   

I'm thinking of using Circle, though I haven't facilitated with this technique myself.  I've also started asking around for connections in the Native community - perhaps there are rituals or ceremonies that could be brought in.  

Does anyone have suggestions?

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Actually Michelle, there is a lot to say and a lot to offer... but I don't have time now to go into that as I am entering a fourday program + debrief...

I think most important is to find the right questions - open, stimulating etc...

and I wonder if there are more AoH people in Montreal that are maybe not here in this online community that you might work together with? (collective intelligence in the hosting team is also important!)

Thank you, Ria.  The gathering is on March 25, so there may be time for you to share your ideas after your program.  


And thank you for the suggestion about inviting other AoH people in Montreal.  There are a few of us, and I haven't yet tapped the full collective intelligence of our group.  

It is really one of the major features of the Art of Hosting community that you always work 'with your mates'. It is kind of crucial in hosting collective intelligence that you work from a collective intelligence field in the hosting team. So, I think that will be a good step to take for you and your project.

Let me know if you still need some other support. I might have time by the end of the week.

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