The Art of Hosting

Here some bits out of the pdf file, who says it all.

Practitioners Dojo: a ongoing place for practitioners to practice, get inspired, hone our skills, share our learnings, collaborate and prepare to serve people and planet at larger scale.

Emerging Norms or Practices
• Any practitioner can “call” and host a Dojo session in their area.
• We are finding that co-hosting is quite effective and very creative. Often one host has carried over to host the next Dojo and been joined by a new host, who then is the host for the next Dojo joined by a new host, etc. This has worked well, though is not a “rule”.
• A place for money has emerged at the last several Dojos and Learning Villages. A donation basket collects the money that is used to cover expenses such as coffee, tea, snacks, room rental (where applicable) and transportation (all or part) for the host(s) when they travel a long distance.

An Open Invitation
An invitation is always open for any practitioner to step up to practice your heart and your skills with some generosity of spirit, consciousness, resources and time including:
Hosting: those of us who offer to host others with ongoing practitioners Dojo session.
Participating: those of us who come to the Dojo session to practice, share and learn together.
Stewarding: those of us who step forward to hold the space, context and purpose of the Dojo longterm. So far the stewards David Reis and Toke Møller have offered to be practicing this
kind of stewarding for a while.

Here is the full document for you to read: 110211 Practitioners dojo Denmark.pdf

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