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Recently, end of 2011, a group centered around Seattle, Oregon, Vancouver came to the end of their 3-year project: naming the core patterns of process work with groups. They spend tons of attention and time on this! They came out now with a deck of cards, that you can buy and use to your convenience:

Here is Chris Corrigan's 'ad'!

Hi all... received my deck on Friday and have had it with me ever since.

Saturday I sat down with seven colleagues and we designed the core of an Art of Hosting retreat that ran Sunday to Wednesday.  To get at the essence we laid five random cards out in the tarot pattern of the Celtic Cross.  What was in the middle was that which we needed to keep at our our case Action Reflection.  On top we put a card that reflects what is in our conscious awareness, the patter of Yes And.  Below we put the pattern of our subconscious, in this case the pattern of Balancing Content and Process.  On one side of the middle was our immediate past Experts On Tap and our immediate future: Purpose.  That lay out took us into a wonderful day of discussing a design that balanced all of that.  Cool.

And then today, working with a core team around a project we are doing I passed the deck around and invited each person to draw a card and reflect on the question: what does this pattern tell us about our leadership in relation to this work?  That provided a rich conversation about things like attending the spatial aesthetics and oscillating between small groups and large groups and trusting the wisdom of the group.

I think these cards are magic.


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You can order them here or download the deck and a booklet for free here.

There will also be a mobile app:

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