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From the email list February 2013...


The Art of Hosting Community of Practice at the University of Minnesota is doing some amazing things. You may have already just read a message send to the AOH list from my dear friend, Susan Geller, about the World Cafe that involved over 400 people across the state. We have many rich stories of practice in teaching, organizational change, and community engagement. Here's one more story that includes a sharable harvest...
This past January, after participating in an Open Space training led by Diane Gibeault, a few of us at the University of Minnesota (members of a regional AOH trainers cohort) hosted an all-day Open Space with divergence and convergence. Our client was the College of Liberal Arts who was seeking to engage the campus community in shaping a web communication strategy. Along with a Book of Proceedings, a harvest document (attached) and a harvest video ( were created. 
I would like to echo Susan's sentiment that our community at the University of Minnesota and the region are very grateful for the support and wisdom we receive from the regional and global AOH and OS communities. 
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