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Dear friends,


An ongoing program in the US... This was one of the Open Space sessions during the Initiative Forum, and was attended by many friends from the US. In my recent journey along the US west coast I have also sensed into the emerging potential, and I know of some smaller and also bigger initiatives that are growing. 
Something is cooking in Seattle and Portland, as well as Sacramento and Spring Valley NY. My colleague Ani Hanelius, organizer at YIP, is moving back to Austin, TX this summer to start exploring the continent with this dream. I am happy to connect her and other friends that are carrying ideas and dreams with you Susan and Karl, and others.
Something similar happens in Vancouver: Quest University. I know of a conference happening now in Sacramento; Impulse Festival, as well as a dear friend and contributor of YIP Orland Bishop in LA, and Free Columbia in Hillsdale NY. Jane Lorand, who co-developed Conversation Mapping runs the Green MBA in CA. YIP has a board member in Portland, and we have close friends and supporters in many states. Kiara Nagel, also in the list somewhere (you there Kiara?!) is a contributor at YIP and great friend, and she is rocking the east coast, as well as Leslie Loy. Potential for next year is also more collaboration with Otto Sharmer, the start of the U-Lab, global alliances, etc. 
Wow, this call opens so many doors, it keeps me up late at night writing this... Would love to support the growth of this from Järna Sweden, where I will be based in the next years as a YIP organizer. Maybe Initiative Forum 2012 is a great place to meet and take this to the next level?
With love,

Pieter Ploeg

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