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Tenneson kicked this conversation of by referring to a blog post he just had written:

With appreciation



From Utah to Australia:

Hi Tenneson,

Your post reminds me of the work of Rupert Sheldrake around morphogenesis and morphic resonance.

What is the energetic force that allows an acorn to become an oak? And what is the energetic force that allows a group of people to become a community? How can we identify and harness that energy?

What morphic resonance is reinforcing old ways, creating resistance to new thinking? Even more importantly: what morphic resonance can we harness to bring people in conflict together? I remember a conversation I had with Professor Sheldrake in which he talked of some fundamental human archetypes that can be used to unite people and that too many times different "tribes" are forced together. The example he used was the merger of Kraft and Cadbury - topical at the time. The American fast moving consumer goods corporation swallowing up a family based confectionary company was probably doomed, he suggested, unless they could come up with a new whole that the morphic resonance of both could resonate with - a "Kraftbury".

What a lot we have to learn from biology!

Many thanks



Well spoken to stir the imagination -- thanks Stephen.

There is a really important inquiry here. I always feel it in my bones, this looking for what is underneath.
I feel it as the new-storying (or restorying or remembering) of this time. What remarkable openings become possible with the shift in story in this always-manifesting pattern...?
Quite a thing to be human.
Kathy Jourdain and I taught some of this on the weekend in the field that was the Art of Collaborative Leadership in New Brunswick. In referencing underlaying theory bases for collaboration, invited all to think of their part time job (at least part time) as exploring and telling the new story.
With continued hunger and appreciation.

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