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From the emaillist, Aug.'12:

Dear All,

Apparently several of you have been involved in hosting health system transformation in the past, I wondered would you have anything in writing (in English, French or German) that describes your process/project? I would also be grateful to exchange ideas,  key questions etc. on Skype. 

Thanks in advance and warm regards,




Dear Holger,

I don't know if you received information on your request, but you will find some documents here:

WIth love,


Ah Ria,  Thanks for bringing this back around.  
Holger, I have been involved in health care work in NS and co-hosted a gathering in Utah this past January.  I've written a bit about some of the projects here: 
A harvest document from a longer term project in NS on Collaborative Care:
I'm happy to have a conversation with and others if it would be useful.  
Hi Holger,
I was part of the hosting team for the Healthier Healthcare Systems gathering held in Utah this past January.  You can view the invitation here and the harvest document here.  I would be happy to talk with you if you have questions or would like more discussion.


Thanks Holger.

Attached (see below) is the pdg proposal we used to for the Public Health System here in Nova Scotia, if that is any help. It changed quite a bit as we walked the path and continues to evolve to this day.

Happy to tell you the story sometime over skype with my mate Sera Thompson, who was central to the work (copied in here). We are now five years down the road with lots of learning ... and still going. It has been incredible personal and systemic change.



Hi Holger,
What an exciting project!  I spent 35 years working in healthcare administration and certainly recognize the issues and dynamics that you describe.  And I also am pleased by the work that we did as an organization to empower a participatory culture that mitigated some of the stress and pressures of the work.  In the end, it does seem that we have a very sick system and I have tremendous respect, appreciation and compassion for those warriors who continue to work to humanize it.
I am looking forward to meeting you soon in Slovenia and hopefully to continue this conversation,



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