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Hi mates, how could we realize hosting 250 Swedish Red Cross office people in 2,15 hrs Pro Action Café?

 We will host the 250 employes of the Swedish Red Cross in a two day Kick Off of their new strategy:
facing the greatest vulnerability (in humanity/society) by readiness for wise action and co-creation.

Their intention is moving towards a more co-creative action oriented culture (chaordic if you will). We have two half days, day one focusing on co-reation and day two on action. We are mixing story, dialoge, trio the first day and want to end day two with a Pro Action Café. Planting seeds to practicing co-creation in their upcoming planning process for 2015-2017. 

We are in one large space and could invite around 60 initiatives. We have about 2 hours and 15 min. 
- How could we arrange a swift matrix process? 
- I prefere moving participants out of the space between rounds and give them reflection questions, how could we give so many callers peace of mind between the rounds as well as invite so many participants time to shift both mind, call and thought in a restricted time and space frame?
- How could we harvest in a meaningful way, given restrictions in time? Next on the agenda is meta harvest and check out for all. With harvesting I am thinking both to everyone in the room from the callers (planting seeds to further connections, curiosity and co-creation), and to all participants afterwards (what have not been shared).

Grateful for your experiences and thoughts!



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Hé great Kajsja, that you are posting your question here, but you need to know that hardly anyone will reply here (as people don't subscribe to new posts). As much as we would have liked this to happen, the best advice is to post your question on the emaillist and/or on the FB group.

You could of course invite people over to post their answers here; or what I do when I find the answers meaningful to keep for a longer time, copy the answers over to here - if you have time and energy to do that, that would be appreciated!

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