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"Harvesting Lab: how to give meaning to a learning experience" is a temporary learning space by the Berlin Art of Transformation Lab.


After the Knowmadic Learning Lab in Berlin in February 2011, some of the participants expressed the intention to keep learning from each other and the will to meet again to share knowledge on facilitation and transformation.

This is why a new Berlin Learning Lab has been set up.

We will have rotating hosts for a series of monthly workshops filled with action learning, games, physical activities, group actions etc. (We do not want traditional presentations or conference talks: we want action!). We also want to develop new methods, games, strategies for facilitation: let’s get out of the safety area! Let’s invent!

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First insights on harvesting at the VisionTalk meeting in Berlin, yesterday.


My insights: harvesting is a process that is designed, it makes hidden wisdom and knowledge under the surface visible and it is working with burning questions rather than answers (and if these questions are really burning then action will follow automatically). Valentina and I harvested our thoughts from yesterday in these mindmaps:

Hi Frauke, Monica would be happy to see that you name harvesting as a process. and in AoH style, it is a process that is designed and hosted!

'Hidden wisdom and knowledge' is also great - many times it is about new collective meaning that can arise.

It seems time to do more with harvesting; it is happening in more than one place!

(Do you know that you can put the pictures into the text here? would be nice I think.)

Some input from Pieter at the AoH Karlskrona 2011:


"Hi friends,

Today in the knowledge expeditions at the AoH Karlskrona 2011 I shared some of my experiences in hosting "Conversation Mapping" processes, based on what I learned from Jane Lorand in a course at YIP, who worked with the founder of this methodology, Bruze McKenzie. As I find this methodology very effective and powerful, and found a lot of resonance with the participants today about the potential applications and molding of this technique, I also want to share it with you all.

Short movie that gives an overview:

Have fun probing, molding, practicing, expanding, etc!

Sending greetings from our training with 110 (!) young changemakers!"

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