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Harvest from the Middle East Youth Empowerment Seminar (Cairo, March 2011)

Dear friends,


I would like to share an overview and a piece of harvest for a youth empowerment seminar in Cairo that took place in March 2011 as a part of a regional conference of AIESEC which is a world's largest youth-run organisation. It was a week-long event, one day of which was devoted to exploring the leadership needed at that point in the Middle East and North Africa region. 

It was my first experience of calling for an event with intention to being AoH practices, and it only became possible with the presence (either virtual or physical) of Maria Scordialos, Simone Poutnik, Hendrik Tiesinga,  Kamyar Houbakht, Mahmood Nisar, Nina Nisar and Julie Arts.

Some part of the harvest is available in the document, and I am happy to share more if any of you would want an inspiration for similar work that is strongly needed in the region at the moment.

It is now that I started to hear from the participants about the first steps of putting their project ideas to work, especially from the community in Jordan, and will let you know how it goes.


Warm regards,




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Thanks Ekaterina for posting your harvest here! We really value that a lot! I have to admit, I didn't have time yet to read it, but we like this place to be full of great resources and this definitely adds to the pot!

Thank you so much, Ria. I hope to have many more pieces of valuable harvest to share in the future.

By the way, just using the chance to share one quote I heard this morning, it is related to education of young people from 18 to 25: "Young people at this age need to learn how to find answers within themselves". It is so often we speak about cultivating leadership within and creating an atmosphere where people could find their own answers and contribute with those to the whole; but it is for the first time I heard that it is the impirical evidence for this specific age group and as one of the principles in Montessori system. 

If young people need to learn it in this age, then all adults need to be experts in it already :)

This adds the meaning for the work of those of us who especially focus on hosting in the universities.


Thank you very much for these meaninful contributions

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