The Art of Hosting

Harvest from our first call 2011 - on flow hosting in North America

Dear Friends,

Here is a little harvest from our Jan 2 conversation. I apologize for being so slow to get these out. I think I have included all those on the call. If you would like to share with those who were unable to join us, please do. If there are things missing that you would like to add please do that too.

Best, Jim

Huge circle, big eye, big ear, big heart.
What wants to flow around making the Flow Game more available in Turtle Island?

What's flowing inside of you?

Wanting to enter into relationship with the game, with life.
Wanting to open myself.
It's a magical tool, similar to tools of the ancestors, to see the hidden path.
Connection with the ancestors can be used to share this gift of magic and ceremony.
Appreciation for the profundity, for the effect on my life.

Ancestor connection.
Importance of the Medicine Wheel, which gives structure.
Respect for the whole.
All the directions are in play.
Desire to learn more, to share more.

Flow of a moist open heart, like melting snow, like tears of sad joy.
Gratitude to everyone.
So big, this expanding outward.
Generosity bursts forth so quietly.
The close and unfamiliar are becoming known.

Yes, everything is expanding.
The Flow Game expands the mind.
Living the practice is
Inviting people into the field of the Flow.
To play is advanced practice.

At home, the children notice.
This Flow Game is needed right now,
For family, community, nation and all people.
Exciting to expand the circle in my heart.
Thank you for your openness.

Can we meet in the culture of all cultures, in the simultaneity of particularity and unity,
Enjoying the time and field which is big and small at once?
In smallness I am merely one human, in hugeness I am one with the whole thing.
The next level is emerging and all the ceremony is needed now.
How do we become clearer before we act?
Real power creates, and results from, experiences of love, compassion and generosity.

Call in meaningfulness.
It will surface when it is called.
All this is way beyond markets.
We can be ourselves in this Game,
Which does not even need a host.

West Coast in the Spring?
East Coast in the Fall?
What about Columbus and the Black Hills?
Flowing into the seven directions,
The seven directions flowing into the Game.

From the eagle corner:
What is the good story you want to tell the world through your work?
Interconnectedness in the flow of life.
The sun is rising over the river,
Reflecting stillness and excitement.
Let it settle; something will happen in a good way.
Live consciously with joy, respect, dignity.
Live in celebration.
So good to sit here in this multicultural kaleidoscope, 
Grateful for what each of us brings.
Our purpose is to speak clarity.

Jim Drescher

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