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email to AoH List on February 24, 2011:


In the past 2 weeks, I have been part of conversations here in Berlin where I think, it is time for another Art of Hosting training in Berlin.
Within the Berlin coworking scene, I have heard these questions:
- How do we move from coworking to colearning spaces?
- How do we host collaboration spaces with an impact on society?
- How do we take responsibility of all these questions currently emerging:
And we hosted a Learning Lab with some Knowmads, where a group is currently self-organizing around "the intention to keep learning from each other and the will to meet again to share knowledge on facilitation and transformation." Here a harvest from that Learning Lab:
There is also a working group for a future learning lab - looking for a space to manifest itself in the city. And a need to develop the content and questions of this future learning space...
I guess, I am looking for mates and stewards to co-host these questions during an Art of Hosting training...
Best from Berlin...

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We had an AoH practitioner day in Berlin on August 05, 2011 where we practiced teachings (Theory U), tested the AoH Berlin training question for November "How do we want to learn and lead in changing cities?" in a silent observation walk in the park, and transformed the Pro Action Café into working with the questions in triads.

The day after, a few of us hosted the Syntagma World Café at the Berlin Agora (their harvest with pictures and 2 videos can be found in German here).

My personal harvest can be read here:

Warm greetings from Berlin,


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