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Here is the collection of resources I use in my facilitation practice.  By and large these resources support facilitation of participatory and self-organizing process at scales ranging from very small groups to large conferences.  I use some of these tools directly and others as inspirations to design and create my own processes.

The first section provides links to participatory group process that are inclusive and self-organizing to varying degrees.  The section on process architecture and maps contains links to sites whose worldviews can inform process design from single meetings to large scale change.  The next three sections cover more specific tools useful for particular purposes, and finally the last section contains links to sources of ongoing inspiration.

Taken together, this page could be said to form my facilitation manual.  I hope it serves you as well.  The most current form of this list can be found on my website.

Start Here

Group Process Methodologies

Process architecture and maps

Suites of Tools

Tools for embodying learning

Specific Exercises


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Hello Chris,
I didn't have time yet to thank you for your huge collection here! Really fantastic! Thanks a lot!
(the last bit has a smaller font, can you change that?)
Wow Chris! Radical sharing! Thanks!
Yes, yes, yes - Thanks Chris!

And I am really glad you mention Dynamic Facilitation with Jim Rough. A small gem.

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