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From the email list January 2013:

Hi All,


We have just finished our second major endeavour in civic engagement and city building. We working with participatory live streamed events, street engagement and social media / online engagement combined to gather public opinion and influence decision makers ... we are building a culture of citizen involvement on major developments in the city of Halifax that feels simultaneously powerful and in its nascent stages.


We have been exploring many different projects the last few years and are now sitting back, reflecting and exploring where, how and with whom we want to apply everything we have learned. Check out the message below and the online harvest at . The Nova Scotia Art of Hosting team is meeting tomorrow for annual AoH and capacity continues to grow to lead change rooted in the voices of many people, rather than disconnected isolated leaders.


All the best


Forwarded message from Tim:

Final Summary

Over the last 7 months the Build Your Centre public engagement process has led our community from a place of doubt and skepticism to one of shared trust and collaborative city building. Together, we have shaped Nova Centre - a building that all Nova Scotians can be proud of in the heart of our capital city. 

Please read our final summary and see how public voice has influenced and changed the design of the building by visiting

This process has demonstrated the value of citizen participation in the decisions and initiatives that impact them. We invite you to complete a brief survey to help us refine and build upon this important civic engagement work in the future.

We encourage you to continue to follow the progress of Nova Centre at


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