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From the email list March 2013...

Hi All,

Attached is an article I was asked to write on my learnings from civic engagement work over the last couple of years. It references the AoH and the engagements in Nova Scotia I have been sharing on this list. Check it out. I welcome any insights, questions, connections and conversations. My first article since about 2003! Re-entering the fray as a fledgling writer :-) .
The article is already out in O&E and a shorter version is going to be published in the IAF (International Association of Facilitators) newsletter.
This is a great read Tim. Thank you. My underlining pen was very active and happy as I read it!
I recently watched a Ted Talk from social entrepreneur Robb Smith. In it he outlines a story of the evolution of the average size of societies. 10,000 years ago, it was 40 people. He offers a narrative of how that shifted over time to become societies of thousands, millions, billions. His main point is that we are one society in one biosphere. What I liked was the obvious that things are a bit more complex now.
I found myself thinking of this as I read your article Tim. 
For inspiration.
Greetings from Utah.
Hi Sandy,
Thanks! I have put the article online here - please use it and share it in any way that is helpful ...

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