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Hello all,

Shall we meet again soon for another AoH drinks? I can't believe March is almost half-way over, and I confess my schedule is hectic the next few weeks. We could look at some options in April:

1. April 9th evening

2. April 11th evening

3. April 16th evening

A downtown venue has worked well as a somewhat central spot - any yummy suggestions?

Also, to plant the seed if a small group might be interested in hosting a full-day gathering sometime this year? Might be fun!



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Thanks, Amanda. All three of those options look like they'd work for me. :) Happy to meet wherever.

Hi, Amanda!  Great idea, again!  Also really like the idea of a full day!

If I am in town, the Thursday date works best for me, April 11.  Go with the most popular, of course, as I may still be traveling.  If I'm at all nearby, I would be there!

HOpe all is well!


April 16 works well for me.  As for a full day event, that might be a fun thing to host over here on Bowen Island in July sometime.  

Let's go with the 16th, 6pm at Steamworks (just down from Waterfront Skytrain).

Lisa if you are in town hope you can still join in.

Mmmm AoH drinks and conversation!

Awesome. Thanks for organizing! Hope to see you there!


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