The Art of Hosting

Dear co-hosts,

I will be having one hour next week at the Hub Berlin's Change Days to introduce people to the AoH:

Any best practices, ideas, questions that would help me to design this session?

Thanks for your thoughts...


Here's what I usually do with an hour:

Basically we can do a little teaching depending on context and then some conversation.

1. Teaching: If the context is looking at the role of hosting to hold uncertain futures or present fear, a little teaching on the Chaordic Path usually gets people interested.  From there I might teach a few polarities: chaos and order, talk and action, reflection and motion, so on and so forth.  If the context is that we want to bring more relational work to our field, then my initial teaching piece will be my model of work, relationship and co-learning font color="#0000FF">> .  If I am talking about the actual practice and art of hosting, then I like to cover off the four fold practice.  It is basically the essential stuff.

2. The second part of the hour would be a conversation.  If we are small, a little circle to talk about need for explore the art of hosting together would be nice.  I like the "What time is it in this place?" question or any other check-in question relevant to the context.  We might end that round with an exploration of what we want to learn together...

That might be the way I'd do it.


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i often have the conversation of "what time is it" before too much teaching
but after a clear framing from my heart
around that we all know in our DNA that when we do not know what to do we human beings end up in some form of circle somehow
around a question that matters to us all and then we talk about it......till we find the best answer collectively...

the point being we all know this practice - AoH is not a concept - but a practice that can be done intentionally for a clear purpose.

there is:
- the consciousness - the view or the stance of the host and the hosting / harvesting team - if you like
- the methodologies - that all help creating a container for the conversation / learning journey to happen in a good way so that we do not end up staying in the chaos of working together as peers but actually pass thru it to a new order
- the practice - to do it and not end up just talking about doing it - 'but first i have to read one more book'

this work is for practitioners....

so framing - then conversation about what time it is or what need they have for conversations that matter
and then some wee teach of a basics with a couple of stories of where it has worked...

in the end a few questions

a nice hour or 2

let us know what you did and how it went

love flow where we come from the heart
in this sweet art of the heart

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