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It was much fun to meet up for AoH drinks in November - let's do it again in January.

Some date options:

  1. January 10th evening
  2. January 17th evening
  3. January 22nd evening
  4. Other date?

Some location options:

  1. Steamworks again (close to Waterfront Skytrain)
  2. The Rogue (at Waterfront Skytrain)
  3. Central City BrewPub (at Surrey Central Skytrain)
  4. Other location?

Happy New Year everyone and looking forward to catching up.


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Hi Amanda,

I've finally joined the Ning (yay!) and just saw your post.   I'd love to join in again and I hope that the January date will find everyone feeling healthier.     Jan 22nd and location options 1 or 2 work best for me.   But I'm flexible and will try to fit whatever works best for the group.

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year! 


Hi Amanda!

I would be up for another meet-up as well.

Jan 10th and 22nd work for me at locations 1 or 2.

Happy new year :-)

We have a plan!

Let's go with 6:00pm, January 22nd at The Rogue at Waterfront Station. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it for some soul-filling and tummy-filling bevvies, food and good conversation.

Happy New Year's eve,


Sounds perfect - see you all then and there!

- Marc


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