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Keep Building the New....

Look what too place yesterday...with the Collaborative Space Making at Axladitsa...



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Sacred Act of Hospicing the Dying

I was privileged to know Tony Scordialos, father of Anna, Stella and Maria.


I was even more privileged to be part of his care, in the final years of his life.  He had multiple and conflicting life-threatening health issues that required the skills of a number of specialist physicians to come to his aid.  In essence, they all clearly worked for the good of Kyrie (Mr) Tony – yet, they worked in medical ‘silo’s’ – and so their diagnoses were mainly coherent, yet sometimes…


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Right to be Here

Yesterday we had our inaugural core team conversation about the Collaborative Space Making.  A sweet, flowing, organic, focused and practical call…seeing the next steps for our ongoing work together.


During our time together, we spoke about how it seemed particularly significant that this build was happening at this time. 


As the actions of this…


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How to capture energy and emotions

After a very successful (and energetic and emotional) cafe for about 100 people, my clients commented that they wished there was a way to capture the energy and emotions (not just the ideas) in the plan that was generated.  We have photographs and text about the energy, etc. but I would love to have more.  Does anyone have some ideas or experiences to share?

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Harvest for the World

I love music, alway have. There are certain tracks/songs though, that transcend liking or loving.

They are part of me, it could be the music or the words or a combination. Some mark a time in my life. Some are timeless and take me to another place. Harvest for the World by the Isley Brothers is one of the latter. Whenever I hear it I smile all over. It tickles me. It's message is so simple.

Last week I was reading the messages from Maria and Sarah in Athens and was moved, scared… Continue

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Dancing the Space Open

This evening I am back at Axladitsa – having left Athens at 5.30am this morning with Maria to travel 5.5 hours back to Pelion for an important appointment.  Maria is now back to Athens to journey to Brussels tomorrow for work.  A busy day - hence the delayed account from last night’s events in Syntagma Square.


We were scheduled to host a World Café…


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Dialogue in Syntagma Tonight

Dear Friends,

So - this is how it is.  We are going back down to Athina - hoping Maria will make it from Rhodes - and we do not know what will happen.

From 7:30 tonight - there will different perspectives being offered through speakers - in Syntagma.  Based on a conversation that we had with one of the folks holding the space in the square - Giorgos - it feels like good timing to host a conversation…

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One View of Syntagma - 15 June, 2011

We leave the house at 1pm


Sisters, Partners, Friends


On the Tram, we travel


Preparing to be together


Syntagma is buzzing


Gathering in hope

Chanting and cheering


Support, connect the flow


Air is clear, troops are…


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A place and people calling for Real Democracy - Syntagma, Athens

undefined BOOM…!!

The System Shift is On…!

In the Conversations

In the Hearts

In the Eyes

In the Hands

Of those who Care

To Dare

To Face

Full frontal

The Need for Change



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the art of hosting the transition to a post-capitalist, commons-based society

A post-capitalist world is not only possible but millions engaged in the various organizational and social transformation movements around the world are actively working on the transition to it. One of the most potent emerging visions of that new world is a commons-based society.

It's a vision that tremendously… Continue

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The System Shift is ON

Dear Friends

As Maria and I prepare to travel to the UK this afternoon – I find myself sitting with the can I/we be of best service when the movement is moving?

I wrote this rap/poem a while ago, in connection to the work the Finance Innovation Lab UK work – that many of us are in right now...and the Art of Collaborative Leadership gathering is the next step we gather around…

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