The Art of Hosting

What personal capacities enable leaders to facilitate co-learning and co-creation in complex, transformational change towards sustainability?

We are three MSc students in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, currently conducting our thesis research on personal capacities that enable leaders to facilitate co-learning and co-creation in large-scale, complex, transformational change towards sustainability. We aim to identify both key personal capacities, and ways in which facilitative leaders can develop these capacities (through practice), in order to shift people in an organization at identity and values level, giving rise to the deep will to act, and thus accelerating transformational change towards sustainability. 


We are eager to get in touch with practitioners working with e.g. Theory U, authentic leadership and/ or hosting approaches (Art of Hosting) for dialogue interviews to get a first-hand response from people in the field. Would you be interested? Please do get in touch with us. Thanks!


Kind regards,

Christopher Baan, Phil Long, and Dana Pearlman

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This is a fantastic project.  Will you share some highlights as you conduct the interviews, or when you finish the thesis?
I already offered my contribution on another site... still valid.

@ Michelle, I'm happy to share our thesis once the research is finished. You will also be able to find it from June onwards at


The result:


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