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Please add links to papers and books that might be helpful, with a little summary about why.

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Hi everyone,

You all might want to take a look at my doctoral dissertation which has lots of theory references from the fields of consciousness, strategic planning, living systems etc. around why this "stuff" works!

Here's the dissertation attached.


Gold mine!  Thanks Juanita!

Here is a good outline of Bob Marshak and Gervase Bush's theory of dialogic organization development.  I'm currently finishing up a chapter on containers for a forthcoming book on this stuff.

Thanks Chris...and I'm happy to talk with you in more depth about all of this, anytime!

With best wishes,


Chris Corrigan said:

Gold mine!  Thanks Juanita!

Hey Chris... responding to an older post of yours on this thread, where you wrote something about it being "interesting to create theory backward from practice"...

I've been reading Donald Schön recently.. (The Reflective Practitioner)... his take on it, is that it's only backward, from the perspective of "technical rationality", in which theory supposedly comes first.... yet in actual practice, we are often engaging in "practical experiments" designed to test our "theories in action"... as a result of which, practice often develops beyond the existing theories.

And, it is still very useful of course, to do the work of linking our discoveries in practice, with the existing academic conversations...

Thanks Rosa!

Posted by Sarah Bechor:

hello everybody

i share here an article that inspired me in the work wit AoH

hope it will inspire some of us


I will be glad to receive your outputs.

all the Best to you


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