The Art of Hosting

Some of us who participated in the November gathering shared our key insights from it with the wider community. It was an exquisite circle, many with lots of experience, and two who just had their first training a week before. Quite some suggestions and concrete actions for the New Year came out. Local lunches, local DG meetings, more networking. AoPL breakfast meetings are now happening on three different days and three different locations in Brussels!

Someof the thoughts that touched me were:

All is one. The main achievement of the gathering was the breaking down of inner walls between outside and inside. (We had three "outside" hosts present, two had been with us in the November gathering). 

Wherever I go, it is part of the whole. Some units have the climate of a fridge. The inner practitioner is the important one. Fear will never go away, we have to hold it.

We can rest together, in authenticity. That is how we relax from the stress of having to constantly deliver. They are all human made structures, good to see that.

Risk finding takes a lot of time and energy. We need to find the kindness meme.

Remind people of the best of humanity. How to avoid that the gap between this community and others grows?

This community process is like a big Open Space, we need a sign up sheet!

Everyhting we have, are agreements. We just need to change the agreements!

How do we find the container strong enough to let go of old structure? The metaphor of a chrysalis was shared.

Counting on mates to add to the harvest!

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Thank you so much for posting this, Ursula - it feels as if having this ning space is strengthening our harvesting muscle!


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