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As more and more AoH practitioners are working within large scale systemic change projects, over longer periods of time more and more documents are produced that tell the story of how things were planned and the results that came out of it.

Please share yours if you have one; this is how we learn from each other!

Please give a title to your comment - and make it bold - and share the when, where, what, who... so that people have a clue if this is of interest for them or not. Also add a link to a website if available!

Thanks a lot!

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Transformation of the Public Health System in Nova Scotia - phase 1 (spring 2009 - summer 2010)

Please find attached "A Journey Towards Renewal" - a harvest of phase 1 of the transformation of the the Public Health System in Nova Scotia. You can also check out for some more info and to download the doc.

It has been an incredible journey so far, weaving together Participatory Leadership/Art of Hosting, U Theory, Change Lab, Deep Democracy, Berkana's two loops around emergence and social innovation at scale and much much more.

Tim Merry
(Sept. 2010)
Participatory Community Engagement - White Paper by Chris Corrigan

Chris wrote: "I recently (Sept.2010) wrote a white paper for a First Nations organization on participatory community engagement. The paper outlines several models, principles and processes that I am currently working with as I help groups design and implement longer term community engagement processes.

Here is the most recent version of the paper for your reading, in .pdf format. The paper talks about mental models and comes from a perspective of decolonization."
Building Ontario’s Youth Social Infrastructure -

By Tim Merry:
"Here are a couple of harvests of key moments from the provincial level youth work in Ontario. The initiative is seeking to transform the culture and infrastructure of youth organising across the province ... to build a youth social infrastructure to amplify and accelerate an emerging paradigm of youth organising. Our next step is a 3 day strategic gathering and training in November '10. Enjoy :

1) First gathering to form a core team: see below or:

2) Gathering in Bancroft - broader stakeholder community (I recommend putting on one of your favourite tunes and flipping through this one) :"

From Nathan in South-Africa:
"Hi Tim and all!

The list these days show so many good bubbles of change emerging.. Australia, Health, France, now YOUTH.. and this has called me back in to contribute..

Thank you for the news, a great document and prezi! (in SA "prezi" is colloquial for a present or gift)..

You have inspired me to share a story of the World Youth Congress that took place in Istanbul in August, which was striving to create new forms of Youth-Led Development.. (more stories being shared on, see the WYC tag: and some progress documents etc. on

So, with some profound moments of clarity, the talks seemed mostly aimed at policy and advocacy work, and felt like a lot of hot air as many of these big youth meetings tend to be.. so many of the core questions were left open throughout and after the event, such as:

How does a young 'lone wolf' actually get engaged in meaningful processes to realize co-creative youth-led development projects?

What the prezi shows me is a consistent strategy towards this, that seems to cover a very global field of appreciative inquiry for youth, and it seems useful to encourage youth into participatory leadership methods.

Conscious processes such as you Tim have shared from Ontario, I feel are the key that's missing from the lock of frustration that often exists at big youth meetings, where there is inherently SO much potential for real, sustainable engagement.

Youth empowerment and Mentorship is near the core of my inquiry with AoH practice, so stories like this really help the potential of work to be done in SA, where so many youth seek support that will bring them into authentic leadership..

May this work flow forward!

I look forward to see some of you at the Art of Participatory Leadership in Johannesburg 20-22 October.

Warm greetings from Cape Town!"

From Pawa in British Columbia - Canada:
"I am filled with so much contentment to know that the past 10 years of working to build a First Nations youth leadership movement in BC and now Canada is not a lone wolf! My focus is to co create a movement for change, to hundred monkey ( First Nations youth to stand tall in who they are. Our cultures are beautiful in their diversity and after the inspiration you shared, Tim and Nathan, I am dreaming of a global hundred monkey movement! And this can also be a forum for meaningful reconciliation too. In BC I worked on Building Our Legacy Together (BOLT) and its purpose was to meaningfully involve First Nations youth in higher level decision making processes and policy making. That initiative was easily bogged down in politics and from it I learned to keep focussed on the youth in communities who are affecting positive change. That is where I am now, back in the communities, amongst the roots, eager to share The Bundle (a mentorship contract) and deliberately create a community of practice amongst First Nation youth, seasoned leaders and Elders.

My question is “How can we best share and learn from our success and failures and walk with young people on their journey to co-create a better future for humanity?”

Chu K L E C K O ( many thanks)


Follow up on the Public Health System in Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi All,

Check out the link for a harvest site from our Innovating for Healthy Communities gathering - as part of our ongoing work with Public Health in Nova Scotia - 4 years into a systems change ... and still lovin' it ...

The next steps are stewardship gathering this fall. Very exciting!


More from the Public Health System in Nova Scotia - febr 2011

Greetings all,

Attached is a harvest from a core team of folks who are leading a transformation in Public Health in Nova Scotia and preparing for some large stakeholder gatherings / assemblies across the province. There is some good articulation of  the roles/responsibilities involved in stakeholder gatherings which I thought might be helpful to people and also a first harvest of "the ecosystem of participatory leadership" which is a teaching Sera and I have been working on here - seems to combine many of the existing AoH teachings into one picture.

Seems like useful info and inspiration for anyone planning to engage many people in conversation around issues that mater to them ...

Have a good one,

See attachment here.

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