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From the emaillist, Sept.'14:


I'm looking of a good, short 1-2 page description of Appreciative Inquiry. 
With some description of:
- What is it? 
- When is it helpful?
- How does one do it?
Not so much focused on an "appreciative approach." I have that covered.
Hello everyone!

Here’s what I sent Tenneson off list.  May it serve.
(first document below!)

Mary Alice
Hi everyone
I have another little 2-pager with an outline of an interview protocol.

Unfortunately I don´t know who is the original author of this - but I got it through Berkana many years ago.

I sometimes change the interview questions depending on the culture of the organization - e.g. instead of  “where do you see evidence..” (observation) I sometimes ask “Tell of a time when…” (personal story)
equally the future question changes from “What three wishes..” (can be more intellectual) to “What do you dream possible..”  (feels more emotional) 
It all depends of what language feels most appropriate in the given culture.
 - my 5 cents



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thanks Ria. Is it worth, that we put this also to the AoH Webpage?

Best regards


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