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After some years of bringing Art of Hosting - Art of Participatory Leadership - into the European Commission, it was spreading into the Commission and other institutions - time to reflect collectively on the learnings so far and look forward on what is the direction and next steps into the future. (started in Nov. 2011)

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Harvesting from the field 7 Replies

This is a space where we can upload documents that are harvests from our practitioners' field that can then be helpful to our mates 'out there'.Continue

Started by Helen Titchen Beeth. Last reply by Helen Titchen Beeth May 6, 2014.

Collective Story Harvest in the Strategic Programming and Planning CoP 4 Replies

It is  now the second time we used the collective story harvest as a tool in that community. It is great for several reasons: it is community building, people understand they are not alone, we learn…Continue

Tags: Institutions, SPP, Story, Harvest, European

Started by Ursula Hillbrand. Last reply by Nora Ganescu May 29, 2013.

Progress report from the field of Participatory Leadership in the Commission - June 2012 5 Replies

This extract from my journal was written during the preparation day before our 3rd practitioners’ gathering, in June 2012 As I write, during the hour before lunch in the preparation day, the rest of…Continue

Tags: participatory, leadership, Commission, European, Futures

Started by Helen Titchen Beeth. Last reply by Helen Titchen Beeth May 4, 2013.

What is the 'next level' - there's a shift in the field

I wrote this reflection in response to an inquiry going around on the AoH mailing list, and thought it belongs here too. It is around What is the next level of AoH?"I have just come out of some rich…Continue

Tags: leadership, participatory, teams, core

Started by Helen Titchen Beeth Apr 30, 2013.

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Comment by Ria Baeck on March 21, 2013 at 3:51am

Thanks Niklas, as I might say so, you definitely have to interview Helen, as she was holding the potential of this whole story even before Matthieu was on the scene... and from a research standpoint of view, I would not rely on one person to guide you to different participants... you might get a distortion of data maybe. I would check this list with some more people like Helen and Ursula.

Comment by Niklas Bruce on March 20, 2013 at 12:29pm

Hi Ria and Helen,

Thank you for responding to my invitation.

So far we´ve been interviewing Matthieu and Ursula.  As both of you have lived with the AoPL in different qualities, I can see that your stories will be very valuable to us. Reading from your enthusiastic responses it seems as if you would be interested in contributing to the empiric data?

Right now we are all at ALIA (with Matthieu and his colleagues). Our intention is to have Matthieu guide us to different participants of the different engagements (CoP and the education-part etc..) and to highlight what specific engagements that could be of interest. Last night Matthieu told us the "whole story" about AoPL in the EC, it was a spell-bound two and a half-hour story, that was quite amazing to hear, leaving us with great hopes for our thesis.

Next week we plan to start the inquiry. We will be looking for participants, probably 7-8 per "case" with 3-4 "cases" within the EC. In addition we will be interviewing callers and hosts. 

Again, thank you for your replies and we will get back to you when we've had another "sit down" with Matthieu,

 hjärtliga hälsningar


Comment by Helen Titchen Beeth on March 18, 2013 at 2:58pm

Hejsan Niklas!! Fantastic to hear that you are doing this work. Who have you been in contact with at the EC?

Comment by Ria Baeck on March 18, 2013 at 4:19am

Hello Niklas,

I don't know if many people read this forum regularly... this is great what you intend to do! I had it many years as a plan: to harvest the big learnings from the longer-time, AoH run, large-scale system projects. You will make a good start!

Are you in connection with Helen, Matthieu, Ursula and the like - then ones who have been driving the Art of Participatory Leadership in the EC?

If not, I can connect you with them. I'm only an 'outside' AoPL consultant, as we are a group of around 30 people like me; called the Collaborative; mostly working in the EU institutions.

Comment by Niklas Bruce on March 15, 2013 at 6:15am

Hello all member of the Art of Participatory Leadership in the EC,

My name is Niklas Bruce and I am currently together with two fellow students doing research on how the the practice of participatory leadership methods have improved the social capital in the EC. 

Hopefully, we will have been able to take your experiences of practicing participatory leadership in the EC and bring it, through the lense of science, onto paper.

Our sincere hope is of course that we will find that participatory leadership has fostered the emergence of social capital and building of trust, that is also, departing from our exploratory interviews from different settings, the expected results.

The purpose of the thesis is to learn how hosting and harvesting conversations that matter can be put to work for fostering the social capital and trust that seems so crucial for humanity's move towards a sustainable society. "If we don't trust one another, how can we cooperate?"

Up until now, we have been in touch with some of you, and we will most certainly have spoken to more of you as spring turns into summer. The output of our study of the EC (and Columbus OHIO) as a part of our master's thesis in strategic sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology (Karlskrona, Sweden) will be available by mid-June. We will of course be happy to share it with you since it is essentially your experiences that we are writing about.

With this said, I want to invite you all to feel free to contact me if you think that you have something that would be of value to us in our moving forward.

Thank you for reading this long post!

My contacts are:

med vänliga hälsningar, Niklas


Comment by Waltraud HELLER on December 18, 2011 at 5:39pm

Greetings to the Commission friends (and all others...) from another EU institution - the EU Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna. Since the "bug" has jumped over to us from the Commission in June this year (thank you Rainer, Matthieu and Monica!), a group of us have explored new ways of being and doing. Very interested in learning from you and sharing experiences and learnings on AoH in our institutional, public sector, "protocol" context... Wal 

Comment by Mary Alice Arthur on November 28, 2011 at 8:25am

Loved seeing Dirk's photo harvest, that gave me more of a sense of the energy that was there.  Here's to the deep cooking we can do together...

Comment by Ursula Hillbrand on November 28, 2011 at 8:08am
Comment by daniela terrile on November 28, 2011 at 6:55am

ciao Mary

we have used the flow game to enter into contact with the intangible and invisible; in a systemic way with respect and joy...

i was not there the first day but the harvesting of helen is quite impressive. still some people in the community who needs to find their paths. this kind of gathering is keeping us in a constant development both at personal and professional level. there is still al lot to unfold and the journey has only started

hope to see you soon


Comment by Frauke Godat on November 28, 2011 at 6:19am

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