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hello Mario, thanks for joining :) i just posted some research on customer description & usage. I am currently writing a business plan (in the 8th week of a 10 week program) and will have more to share in the next couple of weeks. I found this to be a hot topic in the market research.

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Thanks Pawa! looking forward to it. ....where can I find that research on customer description? in abrazo.

hello friends,

This info is so helpful! I too am working on formalizing a business plan using an online tool and a small business development consultants services. I am finding it challenging to talk about the work we do in a traditional business planning format. I checked out the resources that Tim Merry posted and they look fantastic! Pawa, you've done a phenomenal job of bringing this info together. I look forward to being on this shared learning journey with who ever decides to join in the conversation. Thank-you Pawa for getting this conversation started!

Big hugs all around~

Hi Mario,

the customer description is posted on the front of the business planning for AoH group page.  If it doesn't show up for you, I can email it to you. Katie, I am going to look at the resources Tim posted right now (stoked).

happy new years hugs xx

a quick Q, have any of you tried (in theory or in practice) combining the group dynamics regularly used in the AoH with more 'formal' frameworks or processes? such as design thinking, scrum, project management, etc. ? my team (we even have a psychologist in :-)  ) have the idea of simply creating tailor made workshops for companies in the new tech and tech service sector (organizational change management and change management in general are a big, regular, frustrating ignored problem/pain in that sector....people are basically burnt out and bored with their jobs, mainly because most of them are design and creative minded and work for mental dinosaurs, but that's another story. However, can we come up with arguments and a 'business case' that would convince these dinosaurs that something like this is good for their business (and on the way, we help change the work environment for the creative victims at the bottom of the chain of command)?


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