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Bonjour à tous !

Si certains d'entre-vous ont envie de faire quelque chose pour l'AoH, voici une opportunité :

je viens de lancer un appel à la communauté AoH pour que nous traduisions le site, qui est bien fait, dans toutes les langues, et notamment en français !

Si vous voulez être de la partie, envoyez-moi un petit message avec votre mail et je vous transfère le mail avec les instructions proposées !

Bises, à bientôt, et j'espère que tout se passe bien pour vous !


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Our world is a world of possibilities...
And one of the possibilities you have this week it to join us in the translation adventure !

EmojiWhat we need is 2 hours of your time this week Emoji Emoji !
Help us by translating one page of the artofhosting website from English to the language of your choice : Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, French or German.
We only need 14 people per language and I know we can make it, as we are well engaged (see the project update below) and as we are thousands all around the world now !!!

It's quick and easy...
-> how does it work practically ?
1. You choose your contribution  here :
2. And you put your harvest here :

So, are you in with us ?!
Great !

We joyfully thank you for your help,
and wish you'll enjoy the learning on the way !

Emoji With sunny heart,


  • 4 language coordinators have stepped in !
    • Marcela for Spanish
    • Monika for Polish
    • Agota for Hungarian (with a coordination availability after end of October)
    • Heloise for French
  • Translations have been made and others are on the way !
    • Spanish : 3 pages translated already + 1 in progress
    • French : 2 pages translated + 2 on the way
    • Polish : 2 pages on the way
    • German and Hungarian : the dojo is now open
    • A big thank you to all these contributors already !
  • A German translation is calling for more ;)
    • A German page has been created in the google doc
    • And the "too shy" coordinator is hidden somewhere, help us find her/him !
  • And further adding value thoughts have been brought in :)
    • by Rowan : we may need some financial support to put the new languages live... this may be an opportunity for those who lacks time and not money. And that's also a nice message I hear : the question is not if it will happen... just when ;)
    • by Chris : we go with the awareness that a review by different nationalities/cultures could be of great value for the language concerned (egg: Quebecois, Wallon, Senegalais, Francais for French)
    • by Heloise : if you can't offer time or translation skills, and that you like this project, go and support the coordinators and translators of the language you wish to see on the website ! Join Kathy, Raquel, Samantha, Ria, Helen, Charles-Antoine, Nicole, Celine and Caroline in the circle they created with their emails of support : it's higly encouraging EmojiEmoji


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