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I have been thinking a lot about the situation in the Middle East these past days - and especially how one could contribute to the transition(s)

Several commentators have mentioned during the past few weeks that we in the West have been watching these dictatorships rule and not done much to help dissident movements. To put i bluntly we have not lifted a finger.

This is in stark contrast to how the ANC in South Africa received help from Scandinavia, Solidarity Movement did from France, the Velvet revolution did from from England. Eastern Germany from progressive forces in the Western Germany etc. The list goes one but stops abruptly when we reach the Middle East.

So what could be done - well it struck me that we as a community have a tool box at our disposal that could help these young  budding movements to find a way to their own version of democracy. We should not participate in their discussion, nor tell them what we do ( we have our own skeletons in the cupboard)  but we could offer the AoH training to their organizers and that would enable them to continue the discussion across society and from that develop the solutions they need. ( I am assuming that having grown up in a dictatorship AoH is not something that was practiced at school)

So there it is. That is my idea - who else thinks that is a good idea and if so what can we do to take it further. Does any one have contact in e.g Tunesia. I would be happy to tak out 2 weeks of my schedule and do this.

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Hello Mike,

I know there is a group of AoH practitioners who span Greece, Turkye, Lebanon, Afganistan, and more... they have been looking how they can bring the support that you are talking about here. Names are: Maria Scordialos, Sarah Whiteley, Julie Arts, Hala Makarem... and more... you can find some (or all?) here on the site.

(I have posted your message on Facebook, as I know some of these people will read it there. I hope now that you don't mind? - another way could be to post your message also to the AoH emaillist, and invite them over here...)

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