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From Sweden to Serbia - Collective empowerment and Sustainability

Hi All!

My name is Xavier Koenig, I am from Mauritius, worked as a Mechanical Engineer in Australia until being "enlightened" to study sustainability. I am convinced of the power of collective intelligence in communities, for change towards a thriving future, and was fortunate enough to attend an AoH training recently. 

I am writing regarding a project I have with a couple of friends. We will be riding bicycles from Sweden to Serbia through the month of June. Our goal as part of this journey is to hold small events (or 'get togethers') to promote Sustainability and collective empowerment, notably in a pro-action cafe format. 

I have attached a preliminary brochure for more details:



Ideally, we want to attract people who are interested in sustainability and who have ideas and projects to develop, for moving their community or organisation in the right direction! Would you be keen to help us organise these events, or would you know someone who would be? We could do it indoors or outdoors, and the number of participants will be dictated by the venue capacity. We would just need tables, chairs, big sheets of paper and coloured pens!

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated – it will be great for us to transfer our passion and hopefully get more people on-board towards sustainability and collective leadership!

Thank you and best regards,



PS. Also, we are making the 'relay' from Sweden to the "Ride for your Rights" event, a journey by bicycle from Serbia to Russia!:


Our dates are:

- Berlin: June 11

- Prague: June 18

- Vienna: June 23

- Budapest: June 26


About our sustainability work: it is based on the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD - also known as "the natural step framework"), taught at at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in the MSLS programme:

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Amazing project you have!

I'm not sure we have a lot of people from the countries you will cycle through... but did you think of sending this same message through the AoH listserve . emaillist? I guess that would reach more people for this kind of question.

You could also search the member map here and have a look who you can connect with.

Good winds for your project!

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