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Dear Fellows,

I am Niroshan from Sri Lanka, currently pursuing a Erasmus Mundus Masters in Social Work. 

I participated in the Art of Hosting workshop in European Forum Alpbach 2015. At the end of this workshop I am very much interested in applying this method in my professional career. 

As a partial requirement of my degree I have to conduct a research in UK next year. Since I like the art of hosting, I am planning to test this model as a research tool or an intervention tool in social work practice.

Could any of you guide me, how can i use this as a research or intervention tool? Will it be feasible? I would also appreciate if you could recommend some reading list too.

Thank you

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Hello Niroshan,

I would advice you to post this request - which is great! - on the AoH emaillist and also on the AoH Facebook group. Not many are subscribed to new topics posted here... we would love otherwise, but it just isn't.

I hope this helps!

With love,


Thank you Ria! It would be grateful if you could help me to find the email list.

Best regards,


Here are all the links!

with love,

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