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Hi All.  First post. : )

I do a lot of 'hosting' activity - I don't know many others in Adelaide that do.  But I do know lots of permaculture people.

Most of you are probably somewhat familiar with permaculture?  Tip: it's not about gardening.  Permaculture is ecological design.  Well - that's the way I look at it at least.

Sound familiar?  Art of Hosting, for me, is ecological design principles of working with other people.

I think I'm learning a lot of complementary things from both camps, cross-polinating and informally developing my practices in both.

I'm wondering, am I the only one that sees the connections?  What sort of overlaps do you see?

Has the potential for connection and complementarity been explored?

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Hello John,

Great questions!!! I am more than familiar with permaculture and there are definitely a lot of overlaps! Never took the time to see, for example, how the 10 design principles might be 'translated' in AoH... and gardening is like always be in chaordic space, no?

But, if I may give you one advice: post this inquiry on the emaillist - more people will read it, and might respond! (not many get notifications that a new inquiry is posted here)

With love from Belgium,


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